Thank you for your interest in the IIE Senior International Officer of the Year Award, honoring current leaders in the field who have demonstrated excellence and innovation in their role as an SIO. Nominations may be submitted on behalf of someone else or by the nominee. 


About the Nominee


Character limit: 1500.


Character limit: 1500.


Character limit: 1500.


Character limit: 1500.


Character limit: 1500.

Character limit: 1500.

In addition to completing this nomination form, please also email one PDF of your current CV and one PDF with your Letter of Recommendation to Please name the files as follows: 

         For the CV: IIESIOAward_CV_Name of Nominee
         For the Letter of Recommendation: IIESIOAward_Letter_Name of Nominee

Only one Letter of Recommendation will be accepted. This should be written by a professional (or professionals) in the field who can speak to the nominee's background, contributions, and leadership. 

Nomination Certification

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