French Embassy-Benjamin Franklin / Generation Study Abroad Scholarship Program

Through the continued generosity and support of the French Embassy and their Generation Study Abroad commitment, IIE will use $25,000 to provide incentive grants to five Generation Study Abroad Commitment Partner U.S. colleges and universities to support scholarships for four of their students to study in France. Institutions that receive the $5,000 incentive grant must commit to matching the grant (at least doubling the amount of scholarship funds available to a total of $10,000) and will be responsible for nominating qualified students to receive the Benjamin Franklin French Embassy Scholarship. Scholarships which will be given out by institutions to students are to be used to support education abroad costs related to: travel, tuition, books, lodging, and insurance, to and in France.

Complete the application form by 11:59pm EST June 29th, 2018. For questions, please email 

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