Education in Emergencies for Afghanistan Survey

Afghanistan has rapidly become the world's most urgent humanitarian crisis and higher education emergency. This survey is designed to catalog commitments by colleges and universities willing to host students and scholars. The information will be used to demonstrate the tremendous collective support of the higher education community and streamline the process for connecting students and scholars with opportunities. Commitments expressed are non-binding. In addition to existing opportunities, IIE is working to determine how it and its partners can best support Afghans in need through future initiatives. Below, please indicate the ways in which your institution may be interested in assisting Afghan individuals through future IIE programming. Thank you in advance for completing the survey on how your university can help support Afghan students!

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Questions on Support

Is your university able to fully support a student(s) from Afghanistan? (Full support constitutes a full tuition waiver, room & board, books & stipend, and any other necessary additional support)
We anticipate that many students will not have all the documents they need for admission - Is your institution able to take that into account during the admissions process?
Is your university interested in hosting scholars/professors? If yes, a representative from the IIE Scholar Rescue Fund Alliance will reach out with more information.
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