Generation Study Abroad
Doubling the number of U.S. students who study abroad

Join the Commitment: A call to action from IIE to diversify and double U.S study abroad

Education Associations
Over 25 Education Associations have also joined the Generation Study Abroad network taking on a leadership role to help broaden participation in study abroad.  Through their networks, education associations have the ability to reach new audiences, generate ideas and best practices, and offer services to members that will strengthen and highlight why international experience is one of the most important components of a 21st century education.

Associations that join the commitment agree to such actions as:

  • Add or reaffirm study abroad as a strategic priority and create a sub-committee within the association focused on study abroad;
  • Launch a signature activity specific to your membership;
  • Host an event convening members to encourage them to increase study abroad participation and to generate ideas on how to significantly move the needle;
  • Include Generation Study Abroad as a topic for a session at a national conference;
  • Produce a special report on why study abroad is important;
  • Publish 2-3 articles on study abroad in the association's magazine and other relevant publications;
  • Appoint a Generation Study Abroad representative;
  • Promote Generation Study Abroad through association's listservs and social media channels;
  • Encourage members to participate in surveys and studies on study abroad;

IIE will support Commitment Partners in the following ways:
  • Recognize commitment partners on IIE's website and in press releases;
  • Provide commitment partners with press and communication materials, including a Generation Study Abroad badge, press release templates, and social media kits;
  • Lead special study abroad webinars for members of the association & provide study abroad materials to members of the association.
  • Co-brand a Generation Study Abroad award for association who have made substantial progress on study abroad.
  • Invite Commitment Partners to participate in annual meetings on doubling U.S. study abroad, webinars, national conference calls, and IIE’s Summit on Generation Study Abroad;

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