Generation Study Abroad
Doubling the number of U.S. students who study abroad
Join the Commitment: A call to action from IIE to diversify and double U.S study abroad
International Partners (excluding Country Partners)

 The Generation Study Abroad network has grown to 700+ partners and the initiative continues to gain momentum. Approximately 200 international universities and organizations from 51 countries have pledged to increase U.S. study abroad participation to their universities and countries. 
To further our collective impact, IIE seeks the support of accredited foreign higher education institutions and organizations. Through international academic partnerships, research collaborations, teaching exchanges, and other exchange activities, international institutions play a critical role in creating opportunities for U.S. students and ultimately shaping the study abroad experience for American students. 
International institutions/organizations that join the commitment agree to: 

•Make a significant pledge to increase the number of exchange or non-degree U.S. students hosted;
•Take actions to undertake new and expanded activities to attract more U.S. students to study abroad, such as by offering scholarships, expanding partnerships and increasing marketing efforts. 
•Share strategies and best practices with the Generation Study Abroad network;
•Update IIE on an annual basis on your activities and progress towards meeting your commitment;
•Communicate your commitment to your community and on social media using the #GenerationStudyAbroad and @GenStudyAbroad and put a Generation Study Abroad badge on your website.

IIE will support commitment members in the following ways:

•Recognize commitment members on IIE's website and press releases, and provide a special badge;
•Invite commitment partners to participate in annual meetings on doubling U.S. study abroad, webinars and special events;
•Provide commitment partners with press and communication materials, including a Generation Study Abroad badge, press release templates, and social media kits; 
•Connect commitment partners with study abroad resources and tools.

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