Fall Semester 2013 Brazil Scientific Mobility Program Intensive English Program Application

Dear Colleagues:

The Fall Semester 2013 Brazil Scientific Mobility Program Intensive English Program application is now open. This application is for a full fall semester of intensive English programming, a new component of BSMP. This new fall component is for candidates who scored between a 420-549 on the Institutional TOEFL (ITP), most of whom are third year undergraduates studying in the STEM fields. These candidates will be placed into 12+ weeks of intensive English programming beginning in July, August and September 2013. They will then commence non-degree academic programming in Spring 2014. 

Every effort will be made to place students into Intensive English Programs (IEPs) and academic programs at the same site. For the academic year application, please visit the BSMP website at: www.iie.org/Programs/Brazil-Scientific-Mobility/Host-Institution/Academic-Program. 

IEP applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. We recommend completing the application at your earliest convenience because the placement process for this cohort  will begin this spring. If you save and close out of the application before completing it, you must save the link it provides to you. Otherwise, you will not be able to return to the application, and will have to begin a new one.

If you have any questions regarding this form, please contact Sidney Jones at sjones@iie.org. 

Please note: Responses provided in this application may be utilized for documents issued to BSMP grantees.


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