Thank you for your interest in Syria Scholarships, a partnership of the Institute of International Education(IIE), Jusoor, and Illinois Institute of Technology.

If you are an undergraduate or graduate student: please complete the following brief survey to access the list of available scholarships. Once you submit the survey, you will receive a username and password to access the scholarship listings that have been made available by the participating institutions. 

BEFORE BEGINNING THIS SURVEY: Please read our Frequently Asked Questions here: http://www.iie.org/en/Programs/Syria-Scholarships/Frequently-Asked-Questions 

If you are an established professor, scholar, researcher, or public intellectual: please visit www.scholarrescuefund.org to see opportunities.

These scholarships are for Syrian citizens only and have been made available by institutions participating in the IIE Syria Consortium for Higher Education in Crisis. Learn more about the consortium www.iie.org/syria.

Please note: you must fill out this survey in order to access scholarship information. Information submitted will be used to determine the need for support among Syrian students and scholars and may be shared with universities, donors, and other interested parties.

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