Fall 2015 International Student Enrollment Snapshot Survey

Survey Dates:  October 2 - October 26, 2015

Once again, our group of higher education associations is jointly surveying its members/member institutions to gather data comparing this fall’s international student enrollments with last fall’s. The partner organizations are: American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO), American Association of Community Colleges (AACC), American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU), American Council on Education (ACE), Association of Public and Land-grant Universities (APLU), Council of Graduate Schools (CGS), Institute of International Education (IIE), and NAFSA: Association of International Educators.

The purpose of this survey is to obtain quick and early feedback on enrollment trends so far this academic year (starting in Fall 2015). By sharing this information (in aggregate form) with the international education community and the media, we hope to develop a wider understanding among the press, the general public, and policy makers at state and national levels, about how higher education institutions continue to be affected by the various factors which impact international enrollments. Please note that for the purpose of this survey, an international student is defined as anyone studying in the U.S. on a non-immigrant, temporary visa that allows for academic coursework.

If you do not yet have final fall registration figures, we ask that you provide your best early estimates. All institutional-level responses will be anonymous and only aggregate numbers will be shared. We ask for your contact information only to ensure that no more than one reply is received per institution, and to facilitate follow up if there are any questions. If you are not the best contact for this survey, please forward it to another colleague on your campus who may be able to complete it.

A summary of the results will be posted on the websites of all the cooperating organizations on November 16, 2015 and also distributed to the media in a joint press release.  We will send our members copies of the press release as well, in case your school wishes to tailor it for local media use, inserting your own enrollment figures and relevant quotes from campus officials.

Please respond by October 26, 2015 so that we may include your responses in the findings that we report to the press and public during International Education Week in November 2015.

Thank you very much for participating in this short survey, which should take no more than 15 minutes to complete.

SECTION I: Your Institution’s International Student Enrollment in Fall 2015

Question 1: Please indicate the total number (estimated, if need be) of international students enrolled in your institution during Fall 2015

* Non-degree students are defined as students in exchange programs, Intensive English Programs, certificate programs, continuing education, and non-credit programs or classes, as well as all other international students enrolled at your institution that are not pursuing a degree.

Question 3: If you have seen an increase in the number of newly enrolled international students (at all academic levels), what do you believe are the major reasons for this increase?  (You may select more than one item.)

Institutional changes:

Economic and other factors:


Question 4: If you have seen a decline in the number of newly enrolled international students, what do you believe are the major reasons for this decline? (You may select more than one item.)


Question 5: For each place of origin listed below, provide the total number (estimated, if need be) of international students enrolled in fall 2015.

NOTES: For the purposes of this survey,
- China does not include Taiwan or Hong Kong.
- Europe includes Turkey and Cyprus.

SECTION II: Student Recruitment and Internationalization Efforts on Your Campus

Question 6:  Has your institution taken any new steps within the past year to maintain or increase your international student enrollment? 

Question 7:  If yes, which steps have you taken? (You may select more than one item.) 


Question 8: If no, why were no steps taken? (You may select more than one item.)


Question 9:  If your institution has devoted more resources for international student recruitment trips, which countries/regions did you focus on?


In this question, Saudi Arabia is included in the Middle East category. Middle East is defined as: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestinian Territories, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, United Arab Emirates, Yemen.
In the context of this survey, China does not include Taiwan and Hong Kong.
Europe includes Turkey and Cyprus.

Question 10a: Does your institution offer a pathway program for international students who lack the required English proficiency level, or some other academic criteria, for regular admission?

Question 10c: If you have a pathway program, is it administered by a third-party provider?

Question 10d: What are your motivations for using a third-party provider? (You may select more than one item.)


Question 11: Is your institution currently engaging in activities related to the following large-scale governmental initiatives for sending more international students to the U.S.? (You may select more than one item.)


Question 12a: Between Fall 2014 and Fall 2015 has your institution seen a substantial increase (of 20% or more) in students from China?

Question 13: The 100K Strong in the Americas is a U.S. government initiative designed to increase educational exchanges across the Western Hemisphere. Which of the following activities, if any, has your institution taken to increase engagement with or attract students from this region?  (You may select more than one item.)


Question 14:  For Fall 2015, has your institution felt any impact from the recent financial turmoil in global markets?


Question 15a:  Has your institution been affected by the recent "European migrant crisis"?

Question 15b:  If yes, in what ways has your institution been affected (select all that apply)?

Question 16: Other Comments: We would appreciate any other thoughts and observations.
(We plan to share some of your comments and ideas with the press and public, but will not provide your individual name or contact information unless you give us permission to do so. To give us permission to use your name, please check below.)

Contact Information:

Please indicate your name and contact information, which will be kept confidential. 

* This is also your six digit IPEDS or Department of Education ID.  Please follow the instructions below if you do not know your UNITID.
     - Go to:
     - On the left navigation bar, click “Look up an institution”
     - On the next page that says “What data would you like to access?”, click “Continue”
     - Search for your institution under “Institution Name.” The 6-digit numerical code that appears against the name of your institution is your UNITID.

If you have attempted to retrieve your UNITID but are still having problems, please contact iieresearch@iie.org.

Thanks again for your participation! 

Please make sure to print this page before submitting the survey if you want a copy of your submission.

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