BSMP Academic Training Survey

1. Personal Information
Last Name:
First Name:
IIE ID Number:
E-Mail Address:
Field of Study:
Host Institution:
Academic Training Site:
Start Date of Academic Training:
End Date of Academic Training:

2. How did you find your Academic Training opportunity?
Research on my own
IIE Academic Training Website
My university's internship database
Through consultation with an adviser or professor

3. What did you do during your Academic Training?

3a. Was this what you expected to be doing based on how the position was described before you began?
Yes, it was what I expected.
Some of it was, but there were unexpected things too.
No, it was completely different than what I expected.

3b. If your Academic Training experience was different than what you expected, please explain how:

4. Do you feel you gained any meaningful knowledge or experience in your field from your Academic Training?
Yes, definitely.
No, definitely not.
I'm not sure.

5. What was the most difficult aspect of your Academic Training for you?

6. What was the least difficult aspect of your Academic Training for you?

7. Is there anything you wish had been different about your Academic Training? Please be specific.

8. Overall, did you enjoy your Academic Training experience? Please explain.

9. What advice would you give to future students in your field of study based on your experience at your Academic Training?

Is it alright for IIE to share your email address, AT site name, and some details of your experience with future BSMP grantees in your field? This may help them as they search for AT in the U.S., and they may contact you for advice or mentorship.

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